Afro11 Hair and Nail Salon

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Come be pampered and enjoy an intoxicating experience you will never forget at Afro 11 Hair and Nail Salon. Enjoy facials, body wrap, waxing, manicure and pedicure. Come and experience a healthy style spa treatment. AMAZING!!!

Basic Facial                               $35

Anti  Ageing Facial                   $45

Acne Facial                                $40

Waxing Legs                              $30

Waxing Arms                             $20

Under Arms                               $15

Bikine wax                                 $45

Body Wrap                                 $85





Waxing Legs and Arms, Basic Facial               $75

Body Wrap and Facial                                    $95

Kid Party Nail Polish for 5 hr.                                $105   

come look your best at afro11


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